Book Mules. You’ll Want More Than One!


Our pack of Book Mules includes a number of sub-species all based on the Book Mule Original.  The Original’s two angled shelves make it superb for storing and displaying your favorite novels and paperbacks. Load it up. This one is designed to be the reader’s Book Mule and, as such, belongs by your favorite chair. 



Soon to come in the Original range are flat top, flat bottom and larger format Mules.  Combination shelving in the flat top and flat bottom lets you mix your books with art, plants or a photo of the love of your life, while the larger format versions offer space for those big texts and cookbooks. 

The Seventy4’s ...where to start with the Seventy4’s?  These share all the same features as the Book Mule Originals but with a different attitude.  Steeped in design history, the Seventy4’s have a flair all their own.  Really, the photos do the talking.

Book Mules belong.  Compact and portable they are perfect for modern condo dwellers.  For the rest of us?  You’ll find Book Mules are at home anywhere. In the kitchen or by your bed, tucked under a desk or a corner of the cottage screen porch Book Mules display your books with style and efficiency.

We bet you’ll find there’s always room for another Book Mule. They make good company. 


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