Our Book Mule Promo


"Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house." Henry Ward Beecher.

The Book Mule was created to solve a problem — the problem of having too many books. Well, to be sure, having too many books is hardly a problem but it is something a lot of us can relate to. Consider the spaces you live in and you may find that books are some of the most exquisitely designed objects you own. They are highly decorative for a reason. As a collection, reflect personality of those who inhabit that space. And of course, books are really nice to read.



Drawing influences from Stickley’s 74 bookrack and the clean aesthetic of mid-century modernism, the Blue Gum Design Book Mule revives a unique tradition, bringing a selection of books back into a room to sit beside your favourite chair, sofa or desk. We like the idea of getting books off the wall, letting them inhabit and define a room.

Blue Gum sources only materials of the highest grade. For the Book Mule, we found a FSC/PEFA certified product from Finland. The quality of the lacquered and phenolic ply used for the Book Mule is exceptional—tough, perfect for machining and downright beautiful.

While each Book Mule has been designed in Peterborough, Ontario, manufacturing takes place in a Toronto based certified FSC facility. Modern CNC manufacturing allows us to keep costs low and quality high.

Nothing could be easier. The Book Mule assembles and disassembles using nothing more than your own bare hands. Precise machining and clever design ensures each joint locks tight, creating a rigid structure. The Book Mule takes up little space and ships flat.



We don't want to say flat out the Book Mule will make you the envy of all your book loving friends . . . but it probably will.

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