Birth of the Book Mule

It all started with an auction and a memory. 

Rob’s workshop was cold. Winter was well on the way and paying for electric heat just didn’t make sense. His search for a small woodstove led to a local estate auction, a dangerous place to set him loose. You see, Rob is a consummate saver. Everything will surely come in handy some day. And that includes books. So it was no surprise that rainy day, when Rob came home not only with a perfect little Irish woodstove, but a dilapidated bookrack and all the books that once sat on...

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Book Mule Assembly



One of the beautiful things about the Book Mule is how easy it is to assemble.  Here, Rob goes through the assembly process starting with removing the Book Mule from its package and ending with the Book Mule assembled and loaded with book.  The video is only 1:40 which is a testement to the ingenuity of the design.  And, nope, not a screwdriver or allen key in sight!

Book Mule Assembly from Blue Gum on Vimeo.


The only note...

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