We Are Blue Gum

Blue Gum Design is dedicated to bringing you simple, efficient design solutions. Each Blue Gum product is built to last a lifetime right here in Canada.

About Us

Rob saves things--furniture from university years, bicycles and motorcycles, clothing that's now back in fashion, wood of various kinds, even an entire house. Not out of nostalgia, but simply because he appreciates things that are beautifully designed and built to last. And that's what Blue Gum Design is all about.

Rob spent his childhood and university years surrounded by some of the greatest examples of Canadian architecture and design. His father, Jack, built a fabulous mid-century modern home around his young family. Years later, in face of rampant development, this was the house Rob dismantled and saved. It was from Jack that Rob learned draftsmanship and how to build things to last a lifetime.  He studied biology at Trent and U of T, spending weekends and summers helping Jack build the 50 foot sailing ketch, Blue Gum. Natural historian, writer and illustrator, Rob recalls and recreates the past in many ways. His historian’s appreciation of the past makes him passionate about our future.

Kieran, well, he’s a bit like George Harrison. You don’t have to get all retro or care about the Beatles to know that Paul McCartney and John Lennon were the core of the band. But we also know that George wrote Here Comes the Sun. He was just quietly in the background doing a good job …with occasional flashes of brilliance. Bands need those people. Businesses need those people. Over the past 20 years Kieran has partnered to build one of the country's best privately owned stores for the outdoor enthusiast and athlete. A dedicated cyclist, nordic skier and climber, he's also a pretty good guitarist. Years as a business owner and buyer have gifted Kieran with a trained eye. It is an eye that appreciates beauty and efficiency while being offended by junk.

Together, Rob Tuckerman and Kieran Andrews bring you Blue Gum Design. Products that are simple, beautiful and functional. Products that quietly honor our Canadian heritage while striving to ensure that there is a Canadian future. 

Environmental Policy

Green washing works. This, we can all agree. However, as a socially conscious group of people it goes against the grain of our beliefs. Blue Gum Design produces the best possible products in the most responsible way. Blue Gum Design brings you simple, efficient design solutions. Each Blue Gum product is built to last a lifetime right here in Canada. That is our commitment.

In the fall of 2010 Rob showed Kieran this cool recycled cardboard bookcase. To own such a thing was touted to be the ultimate in environmental responsibility. Although it helped set Blue Gum Design in motion the very idea of this bookcase horrified both of us. You see, the offending bookcase looked as though it would collapse under the weight of your pet cat and it was shipped from China. While that bookcase would probably be back in the landfill within a year it inspired us to ensure that our products could last a lifetime. Better still, we would love them to last generations. 

All of Rob’s designs are produced from materials like vegetable tanned leather, American-woven canvas, FSC certified lumber and Baltic ply. All are built to last for years. Crafted as close to our home as possible, we never ship long distances in the manufacturing process. This, we believe, is responsible manufacturing. This is green.

Sourcing Statement


Efficiency is at the heart of every Blue Gum idea. We rely on personal knowledge rather than consultants at every phase of manufacturing which helps to ensure great products at fair prices. Efficient use of space, the principles of Mid Century Modern design, are built into each Blue Gum product. Finally, each item packs flat for fast, efficient shipping from Peterborough, Ontario to your home. It’s simple.

Personal Touch

At Blue Gum Design we believe in following our products from conception to delivery. Rob nurtures each idea from sketch to prototype right in his home where they get the acid test of real life. Then Rob personally chaperones the prototype right through the manufacturing process, selecting materials and manufacturers along the way.


Finding local manufacturers was no mean feat. What Rob found as he knocked on doors and cold-called CNC shops, sewing facilities and packaging suppliers is that, although the sector is not what it once was, the remaining Canadian manufacturers are stronger than ever. For almost two generations there has been relentless growth in the flow of cheap imported goods into Canada. Many Canadian companies succumbed to the pressure but the ones that survived are thriving. They are run by people who are savvy, independent, and relentlessly committed to domestic production. Blue Gum Design has chosen a few of the best to be our manufacturing partners.