Creative Partners

We love books. Not just the written word, but the whole package. The feel of the page. The look of the typeface, pictures, drawings, even the dingbats. The way a well-bound book opens. And of course, its cover. Ever find yourself drawn to a book just by its wrapper?

A huge amount happens behind the scenes to create a book you’ll want to keep and share and read more than once.  Publishers give authors the benefit of a whole creative team. There are Editors—chief, copy, content—designers, illustrators, photographers, often another designer just for the cover.

David Blondel

Making a good book isn’t an easy thing. Neither is a website. Luckily Blue Gum’s found one incredibly creative all-rounder in David Blondel of Page Design. Comfortable in the electronic world that often feels beyond us, Dave navigates every detail with ease, be it photography, video, branding, graphics, layout, html code, packaging, or even a passionate discussion on his favorite fonts.

Every step of the way, Dave has helped us refine our ideas, rethink our image and present Blue Gum Design’s emerging brand to the world. 

Michael Cullen, Trent Photographics

Watching Michael take a photograph is both an education and event. Mid-century modern aficionado and one of the best commercial photographers anywhere, he elevates product photography to an art form. Check out his video on the Downtown College Suite Rob built for Michael’s living room.